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Industrial Marketing

Probably the most important activity in any business is marketing. You have the best products the best services - so, how do you get people to realise it and buy them?

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Design & Print

Printed material is an effective and useful media for marketing, promotion, training and sales - it complements your digital media. From initial concepts through to printing and finishing.

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Brand Identity

Welcome to Redstone Media

Marketing Concepts for Success

Redstone Media delivers practical, cost effective marketing solutions to help grow your business by the application of proven marketing concepts and media essential in todays complex and competitive markets. If your business is industrial, retail, commercial or corporate then you will benefit by our unique combination of creative design, graphics, marketing and internet skills. We believe in providing a no-nonsense approach to your needs.

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That’s in the opinion of Clean Smith and that of many of their customers who have used Clean Smith UK carpet cleaning & upholstery cleaning in the Durham area...

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Our Services
Industrial and Engineering Based Copywriting

Effective text on printed pages, websites, social media and in presentations – an essential component of marketing.

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Interactive Multimedia

Interactive multimedia presentations including sound, video and animation offer a dynamic and memorable media that captivates and stimulates your audience. Whether for sales presentations, marketing or training, visual media works.

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Web Presence

The internet exposes your company to the whole world. Left to their own devices, without your intervention - website visitors make snap decisions about you and your business.

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Responsive Website Design

Single website designs that flow between devices, allowing your site to be viewed by thousands of internet-ready devices worldwide.

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Online Publications

Brochures, catalogues, magazines, newsletters... anything can be truned into an online publication eliminating the need to print.

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