Industrial and Engineering Based Copywriting

Effective text on printed pages, websites, social media and in presentations – an essential component of marketing.

Redstone Media are renowned experts at copywriting both for industrial and business clients. With over 30 year experience in a wide range of markets and product types, whatever your need we can produce compelling text for your clients to read.

“Its words that count not exclusively for people to read but for search engines to index too…”

With expertise in Copywriting, Redstone Media provide text for many Industrial and Engineering clients in fields such as: Compressed Air Treatment, Waste Treatment & Recycling, Process Engineering, Filtration, Gas Generation, Food Processing, Oil & Gas Production, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Automation, Pipes, Valves, Pumps, Process Technology, Process Engineering, Clean Rooms, Coolers, Dryers, Electronics, Batteries, Product Design and Development, Waste Water & Sludge Treatment…

With over 30 years experience in sales and marketing of Industrial and Engineering , Redstone Media offers an unrivalled range of skills for Industrial and Engineering Based Copywriting.

The Process Directory
Our own website at is a news and information based website for engineers and companies in the Food, Dairy, Beverage, Brewing, Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Chemical, Petroleum, Oil & Gas, Offshore and all Process Industries.

The process directory has now grown into an international resource for many companies looking and actively searching for process engineering products. The site gets thousands of page hits per day from all over the world.

Copywriting for Industrial and Engineering Websites
When it comes to your website content – Redstone Media will create copy that is suitable for people to read and text that is Search Engine Optimised (SEO) for one or all of the page on your website.

  • Website Content
  • Blog and News Content
  • Pay per Click Campaigns and Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Copywriting
  • LinkedIn, FaceBook, Google+
  • Optimizing your Directory Listings

Based on what your company does we have the expertise and knowledge to write about you in an innovative and unique way, targeted to your target audience and marketing objectives.

Copywriting for Industrial and Engineering Marketing
Our skills in Copywriting for Marketing include:


  • Brochures, Leaflets and Catalogues
  • Articles and News Stories
  • Technical Literature and Datasheets
  • Technical and Operating Manuals
  • Bids and Tender Documents
  • Case Studies and Project Profiles
  • Sales Presentations - PowerPoint
  • Press Releases (PR)
  • Video Script
  • Direct Mail
  • Advertisements and Exhibition Displays

From a few to 1000’s of words, Redstone Media will create the words.

Stuck for Words?
Leave it to us at Redstone Media, we know what and how much to say, we know what customers look for and we create the words for your website, printed, social and digital media to appeal to them.

Whatever product or service you provide, we will write about it in an imaginative, informative and compelling way.

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