Technical Brochures for Arriva TrainCare

As part of the re-branding project for LNWR to Arriva TrainCare, carried out by Redstone Media, a new set of Technical Brochures have also been designed and printed.

The Technical Brochures are part of the new Arriva TrainCare Project Profiles and feature specific work carried out for train refurbishment, repair and maintenance.

Arriva TrainCare is a leading independent UK train maintenance company based in Crewe, with five strategically located depots throughout the country. They provide high quality overhaul, maintenance and servicing of passenger rolling stock, locomotives, freight wagons and track plant. Arriva TrainCare offer our comprehensive services.

Design and Print of Technical Brochures

Redstone Media designed the new technical brochures from initial concepts, visuals, design, graphics, illustration, copywriting, photography and origination through to printing and finishing.

The new Technical Brochures are to be used to promote their services to train to Train and Freight Operating Companies, Rolling Stock Leasing Companies (ROSCO's) and Train manufacturers, providing services throughout the UK, around the clock 365 days a year.

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