Time Lapse Video for Arriva TrainCare

A Time Lapse Video has been produced by Redstone Media for Arriva TrainCare [formerly known as LNWR] showing the refurbishment work carried out over a 2 week period of one of a series of class 158 passenger trains.

The Time Lapse Video was shot from 3 separate locations using specialised video cameras, one as an overview of the carriage workshops in Crewe and two from fixed locations within each of the class 158 carriages.

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During the project the video cameras used PIR sensors to start shooting HD quality video only when people were in the vicinity, During part of the overnight refurbishment and when lighting was low, the cameras switch to night video, ensuring that all activity was recorded. The internal time lapse video camera locations inside the class 158 carriages were subjected to a lot of hard physical conditions due to shot blasting, spray painting and mechanical vibrations during the work.

Over 160 hours of video was captured which we eventually rendered as a Time Lapse Video showing the work being carried out over the 2 week period. The resulting video was given an introduction and captions at specific points as well as integrating still photographs which Redstone Media took as before and after shots.

The Arrive TrainCare Time Lapse Video refurbishment, which took place at the companies heavy maintenance and paint facility in Crewe, saw a complete re-fit of the trains to create a new carriage interior. Passengers have been so impressed with the work carried out that many thought that the trains were new.




Alongside new interiors and seating, Arrive TrainCare has also fitted:

  • A new Passenger Information System which improves journey information for Arriva’s customers
  • Low energy lighting that reduces demand on the train’s electrical systems and improves fuel consumption, which helps contribute towards reducing overall CO2 emissions
  • Power points so that passengers can now plug in their phones and laptops adding to the convenience and enjoyment of their journey, and
  • A new air-conditioning system in the cab to make the trains more comfortable for Arriva’s drivers



The Time Lapse Video also shows the trains repainted in Arriva's eye-catching livery and have new windows. Work has also been carried out on the door entry system on the trains to extend their life and improve reliability.

Redstone Media also recently re-branded LNWR to Arriva TrainCare and built their new fully responsive mobile and tablet compatible website at www.arrivatc.com.


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